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Varzi Jeanbaptiste M.S.Ed

Varzi Jeanbaptiste M.S.Ed

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SISTAHZ…(and ABNER….and APV team)

Words cannot begin to describe my deepest gratitude for our time together, I am forever connected to VALLUE in ways my Haitian birth certificate could never accomplish; as I am forever connected to YOU my sistahz (and brother).  Abner, it’s my great honor to know you and learn from you and I hope that I can continue to be a productive and contributing member of your (our) community.  I will be back (sooner than ever expected) and I will bring my children. Guerda, my ‘little mama’, your friendship saved my life and I am forever grateful…more than a sistah…you are FAMALAY!!! . My SISTAHZ, let’s not wait for another year, let’s continue to connect, not despite but BECAUSE of our very busy lives and LET’S DO IT AGAIN, NEXT YEAR #SISTAHZRETREAT2019 



Peace, Love, and Happiness

Varzi Jeanbaptiste M.S.Ed

Resource Center, Director